Create your own digital space.

Create and cultivate your own digital space. Whether you are promoting a cause, selling a wonderful new product, or offering an uplifting new service, Matsutake sites can help you gain and grow an audience without sacrificing look and feel or access to a corporate media provider.

We offer the following layouts.

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Template Number 3 Description and Image

Template Number 2 Description and Image

Template Number 4 Description and Image

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Matsutake Vs. The Other Guys

  • They are large corporations run on venture capital dollars. We are a small collective, run on love and free time.
  • They harvest and sell your data. We don’t.
  • They are proprietary software that looks you in to their boring cookie cutter layouts and platform. We are running on free, open source software and give you the flexibility to eventually migrate to another provider…though we will miss you if you go.