Explanation and Education

We consider explanation and education to be acts of care. We think it is important that people know what they are spending their/their group’s money on before they buy. Even if you don’t choose to buy anything today, if you’ve learned something by visiting our site then that is also a win in our book!

Spaces Explained

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) for creating sites on the internet. There are other CMS systems available, but we use WordPress and so do many other people and organizations around the world. WordPress is, by far, the most popular CMS on the planet. As such, there is a vast, global selection of large and small organizations that support WordPress pages (such as this one!) and contribute to the ongoing development of the tool and associated plugins.

Fom Web Technology Survey – https://w3techs.com

A weblog or “blog” for short is a place where you can share an ongoing feed of information with your website visitors. A lot of organizations use their blogs to share about upcoming or past events, new offers, and overall organization announcements.

You may choose to have your blog be the first thing visitors see when they come to your website or it can be accessible via the website menu.

The WordPress Template Builder enables you to define a layout for a particular webpage or type of webpages so you have a starting frame and don’t have to keep creating the same layout over and over again.

If you anticipate having (or already have!) a website with many pages, the Template Builder will likely be a friend to you!

If you are working with — or planning on/dreaming about working with — a multilingual audience, the Multilingual Content feature will enable you to present your website information in multiple languages. You bring the translated content; we’ll provide the rest!

If you are going to have things like signup and contact forms, the Form Builder gives you a simple tool to create easy-to-use forms that people can use to reach out and connect with you and/or your organization.

Aside from your written and image content, we offer many areas to customize to your liking. You can customize your:

  • Dashboard – the dashboard is the area you use to navigate the backend of your website. You are able to customize what appears there.
  • Fields – Basic WordPress allows for two different webpage types: Posts and Pages. Both of these webpage types have areas available for you to insert content into admin fields the backend and then have it appear laid out nicely when people visit the page. Unfortunately, with the basic WP setup, you can be pretty limited in terms of what fields are there.  You can also be limited in what “hidden” (or “meta”) information gets stored for the site. With custom fields you can store meta information, and with the Advanced Custom Fields you can store meta information beyond webpages, across the whole world of your site.
    This is a pretty advanced tool and only recommended for people that have confidence with PHP, the coding language that WordPress is written in. Learn more about the plugin here.
  • Post Types – this is helpful in cases where you want to present multiple of a certain type of content and that content happens to not be a blogpost. For example, this can come in handy if you are selling a bunch of things or presenting many things (like photographs or paintings or poems!) in a digital gallery.

Invoicing and quotes enable you quote prices for your service and invoice customers. For more full-featured ecommerce support, explore our ecommerce plan.

Woocommerce is the extension we offer that allows you to sell items and also allow people to book and pay for your time if you are selling services by appointment.

Woocommerce is only available with the eCommerce plan.

Have more questions?

We want to make sure you have all the information you need to choose, use, and even (if it is that time) dispose of your Matsutake Space. If you aren’t getting your questions answered here, just drop us a line and we’ll see if we can figure it out together!