About Matsutake

Matsutake is a project of The Collective for Liberation, Ecology, and Technology, a small, woman-owned collective that works to maintain, develop, extend, and promote open tools and documentation for communication and organization.

We are Brooklyn-based, community-centered, radical feminist, and anti-capitalist. We especially lift up the often overlapping struggles of black people, poor and working-class people, people from the Global South, indigenous people, queer/trans people, imprisoned and trafficked people, and those persecuted for their documentation or religious status (or lack thereof). We aim to contribute to the development and maintenance of digital and ecological commons where all can learn, share, and grow themselves and their communities with dignity and joy.

The CoLET Crew

Why Matsutake Though?

Matsutake mushrooms are wild and resilient, they cannot be tamed. They are strengthened by interconnectedness; so they build networks for their own survival and the survival of the creatures around them. We draw inspiration from this small and mighty organism. For more, read Anna Tsing’s The Mushroom At The End of The World and Merlin Sheldrake’s Entangled Life.